Chronological Table of Mathematics
540 B.C. Pythagoras Geometry, Arithmetic
300 B.C. Euclid Deductive Reasoning in Geometry
225 B.C. Archimedes Circle and sphere, Infinite Series, Mechanics, Hydrostatics
300 Pappus Collections and commentaries
820 Al-Khwarizmi Algebra
1202 Fibonacci Arithmetic, algebra, geometry
1545 Tartaglia, Cardano, Ferrari Algebraic equations of higher degrees
1610 Kepler Planetary motion
1635 Fermat Number theory
1637 Descartes Analytic geometry
1650 Pascal Conics, Probability theory
1680 Newton Calculus, Planetary motion, Infinite Series
1682 Leibniz Calculus
1700 Bernoulli Calculus, Probability
1750 Euler Analysis, Complex variables, Number Theory
1780 Lagrange Differential equations, Calculus of Variations
1805 Laplace Differential equaions, Planetary motion, Probability
1806 Legendre Least squares method
1807 Fourier Fourier series
1820 Gauss Number theory, Differential geometry, Algebra
1825 Bolyai, Lobatchevsky Non-Euclidean geometry
1829 Galois Group theory
1840 Cauchy Anaylsis
1854 Riemann Integration theory, Complex variables, Geometry
1873 Maxwell Electromagnetics
1879 Frege First-order Logic
1880 Cantor Set theory
1890 Weirstrass Real and Complex Analysis
1895 Poincare Topology, Differential equations
1897 Frobenius Group theory
1899 Hilbert Integral equations, Foundations
1902 Lebesgue Measure theory
1907 Brouwer Topology, Constructivism
1910 Russel, Whitehead Mathematical logic
1915 Einstein General theory of relativity
1926 Noether, Artin Algebra
1931 Goedel Incompleteness theorem
1935 Church Lambda calculus